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FOX News
Mar 19, 2013 3:00pm PDT
powers" returned... a ford to take thepeople whecoboost challenge. ford escape, with ecoboost chnology, took on honda and toyota. this is a lot of fun to drive. that's the ecoboost. i feel the power behind the escape. ooooh... 33 miles per gallon... that's crazy. that's more than my little car. i like the way the escapeav4. i like it a lot better than the toyota. sorry, honda. step-up your game. check out escape, starting at under 23 thousand. take the ford ecoboost challenge today. >> bret: the tenth anniversary of the start of the iraq war marked by the bloodshed prominent in the past decade. wave of bombings in the baghdad area today left at least 65 people dead. more than 200 wounded. tonight, senior correspondent leverick leventhal continues his look at the war by talking to the man literally there at the start of shock and awe. >> march 20, 2003, u.s. on the brink of war, the third bay bah tallion fired the fist shots on the ground, over the kuwaiti border to iraq. sergeant bill waltly pulled the trigger. the explosive rounds from 25-millimeter bush master chain gun leveled iraqi
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 3:00pm PDT
new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further." nlove. as americanswe believeold we can'tin freedom.pern we that's what i fought for as a marine, and that's what we believe in as republicans. freedom means freedom for everyone. i didn't use to understand the importance of same-sex marriage, but after learning my brother was gay i wanted the same rights for him. he was the best man at my wedding and i want to be the best man at his. it's only fair that calvin should have the freedom to marry the person he loves, too. it's time for marriage. >> bret: we look at how committed democrats are to push for group jade in federal gun control law. decision by a top democrat seen by some as an admission that will not happen. correspondent shannon bream has the story. >> we have a lot to do. >> when it hits the senate floor, it will not include toughest provision. many that were called for in wake of the deadly newtown tragedy. >> congress should restore ban on military style assault weapons and ten-round limit for magazines. [ applause ] >> the senate judiciary com
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2